The objectives of the Polytechnic are in keeping with the Federal Government policy on Technical Education, which broadly stated, are:

(a) To provide trained manpower in applied Science, Technology and Commerce particularly on sub-professional grades;

(b) To provide the technical knowledge and vocational skills necessary for agricultural, industrial, commercial and economic development;

(c) To provide people who can apply scientific knowledge to the improvement and solution of environmental problems for the use and convenience of man;
(d) To give an introduction to professional studies in engineering and other Technologies;
(e) To give training and impart the necessary skills leading to the production of craftsman, technicians and other skilled personnel who will be enterprising and self-reliant; and
(f) To enable our young men and women to have an intelligent understanding of the increasing complexity of technology.

Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana in its 30 years of existence from October 1981 till date has not only lived and performed creditably within expectation but well above board.